Our Purpose

Who are we?

Conference and Event Services is a department of Tufts University that was set up over 35 years ago to be responsible for coordinating personalized services for: conferences, workshops, academic programs, summer activities, and others who have chosen Tufts to host their events. Our department also organizes and runs special events for the university, for example, Parents & Family Weekend and Commencement. 

As a renowned international leader in education and research, Tufts University; with its unique combination of research and liberal arts, attracts: students, faculty, and staff who thrive in an environment of curiosity, creativity, and engagement. The Tufts University academic setting naturally inspires learning while providing a high-quality event management service that can accommodate the budgeting constraints of any organization. Program development, budgetary guidance, and registration management are just a few of the services provided by the Tufts Conference and Event Services team.

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Our Staff

Adam Cotton - Director

Lison Zapach - Associate Director

Julian Rosenwolf - Assistant Manager Operations & Systems

Kevin Frazier - Assistant Manager Marketing & Client Support


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