Summer Intern Accommodations

Medford/Somerville Campus

Suite-style housing with 6- and 10-person suites where suitemates share a bathroom and a furnished common area. A larger common area and kitchen reside on the 1st floor level. Our Single and Double Accommodations include both air-conditioning and non-air conditioning options. 

Thank you for your interest in Summer Intern Housing with Tufts Conference and Event Services! For Guests who are wanting to make a reservation, please be aware that we are currently not taking payments. However, we will hold a spot for you upon registering and going through our "stay on Campus" booking application. 




Double Accommodations*

A furnished room with two twin beds, linens, two desks, two chairs, and two built-in bureaus.
 Double Accommodation Without AC : $65/night $455 per week 
Double Accommodation With AC : $78/night $546 per week

Single Accommodations*

A furnished room with a twin bed, linens, desk, chair, and built-in bureau.
Single Accommodation Without AC: $38/night $266 per week 
 Single Accommodation With AC: $47/night $322 per week
*Room prices represent the costs of each room per night. 

Premium COHO (Community Housing)

  Coho is our premium apartment-styled option that resides alongside Boston Ave.  Our newly renovated wood-frame houses are sectioned off by apartment giving each unit its own entrance. Each apartment includes a full bed (standard is Twin-XL), living space, kitchen, and shared bathroom.  We accommodate both single and single with AC rooms for Coho. 
Coho Kitchen
coho lounge
Single Accommodation Without AC: $43/night $301 per week 
 Single Accommodation With AC: $50/night $350 per week
Rooms for our Coho premium option are fairly limited in number. If you are unable to reserve a room in Coho, we recommend looking to our other Summer intern options. 
1025 Beacon

1025 Beacon Street

We have reached maximum occupancy for our Single accommodation for 1025 Beacon . At this time, we are still offering accommodations for Doubles but spaces are limited.  
If you would like further options for a summer housing reservation then please
review our options on the Medford/Somerville campus.
 * Disclaimer: The pictures of the rooms shown above are examples of our room selections. Actual rooms may be one of those shown or a variation of what was shown above.