Summer Intern Accommodations

Medford/Somerville Campus

Suite-style housing with 6- and 10-person suites where suite-mates share a bathroom and a furnished common area. A larger common area and kitchen reside on the 1st floor level. Our Single and Double Accommodations include both air-conditioning and non-air conditioning options. 

We are no longer accepting reservations for Summer Intern Housing  this summer. 

Thank you for your interest in Summer Intern Housing with Tufts Conference and Event Services. Our Summer Housing application is now live!!! Just click on Summer housing, above.


Double Accommodations*

A furnished room with two twin beds, two desks, two chairs, and two built-in bureaus.
Rates for Summer of 2022 
Double with AC: $78.00
Double without AC: $65.00

Single Accommodations*

A furnished room with a twin bed, desk, chair, and built-in bureau.
 Rates for Summer of 2022
Single with AC: $47.00
Single without AC:$38.00
*Room prices represent the costs of each room per night. 

Premium COHO (Community Housing)

  Coho is our premium apartment-styled option that resides alongside Boston Ave.  Our newly renovated wood-frame houses are sectioned off by apartment giving each unit its own entrance. Each apartment includes a full bed (standard is Twin-XL), living space, kitchen, and shared bathroom.  We accommodate both single and single with AC rooms for Coho. 
Coho Kitchen
coho lounge
 Rates for Summer of 2022
Single with Central Air: $50.00*
Single without Central Air: $43.00
Rooms for our Coho premium option are fairly limited in number. If you are unable to reserve a room in Coho, we recommend looking to our other Summer Intern options. 
COHO rooms with Central Air are no longer available*
1025 Beacon

1025 Beacon Street 

Rates for Summer of 2022

Single with Central Air: $50.00*

Double with Central Air: $85.00*

If you would like further options for a summer housing reservation then please
review our options on the Medford/Somerville campus.
Rooms for 1025 Beacon are no longer available*
 * Disclaimer: The pictures of the rooms shown above are examples of our room selections. Actual rooms may be one of those shown or a variation of what was shown above.